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Welcome to Antiquarian Book Lounge - connecting you to the books you love, want and need!

We offer high quality antiquarian and used books in a variety of categories with a focus in Children's Literature and Religion.

We are always interested in buying collections of books that are in good condition that you no longer want. Call or email to us for more information.

Antiquarian Book Lounge is a green business...

Hello, we are in the process of moving so we have temporarily closed our store.  We expect to be open for business by March 31st 2018.

We have always wrapped the books we ship in clean recycled paper. Now we are making additional changes in our business to insure that we conserve and use our resources wisely.  

If you would like to pay via Credit or Debit Card please call us direct at 702-575-7592 to process your order over the phone.  Thank you! 


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